Listen: Uffie returns on Charli XCX's 'Babygirl' collaboration
Charli XCX / YouTube

U.K. singer-songwriter Charli XCX released her new mixtape Number 1 Angel on March 10. American-French artist Uffie returns to the music scene on the standout "Babygirl."

Number 1 Angel is Charli XCX's first release since last year's Vroom Vroom EP. The singer who rose to prominence on Tumblr teams up with Uffie, who broke through on MySpace. Two generations of Internet icons collide on "Babygirl." Uffie's last release was her debut album, 2010's Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans.

Charli XCX and Uffie penned "Babygirl" with Katy Perry co-writer Sarah Hudson and dance music producer John Hill. Glistening synths and bouncy beats soundtrack Ms. XCX's story of a poster girl wanting some loving. "I'm your pin-up princess / Yeah, you know who to call," she sings. Uffie offers more good times on her guest verse. "Wanna take a little sip with you / Wanna spend a little bit with you," she raps. Pop's bad gals play nice on this enticing slice of electronica.

"Babygirl" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music alongside Charli XCX's Number 1 Angel mixtape. Uffie is currently at hard work on her follow-up to Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans.