Listen: Utada Hikaru & Skrillex drop 'Kingdom Hearts III' theme 'Face My Fears'
Utada / YouTube

J-Pop superstar Utada Hikaru released her new single "Face My Fears" on Jan. 18. The dance track doubles as the theme for the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts III" video game.

Last year, Hikaru announced her return to the "Kingdom Hearts III" soundtrack. Previously, she provided the songs "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" for the first two installments. Originally, her contributions were going to be "Don't Think Twice" and its Japanese counterpart "Chikai," but after Skrillex remixed the tracks, a new one was born out of the collaboration: "Face My Fears."

Hikaru wrote "Face My Fears" with Justin Bieber co-writer Poo Bear and producer Skrillex. The track opens with piano as Utada dances with the doubts in her life. Once she finally drums up the courage to "face her fears," Skrillex unloads a transformative drop that plunges her deep into otherworldly EDM. "Watch me cry all my tears," she sings before letting out a battle cry of her own. "Face My Fears" is futuristic, cathartic and ethereal all rolled into one adventurous pop banger.

"Don't Think Twice" is the B-side for "Face My Fears" and the scrappy ballad will also appear in "Kingdom Hearts III." They are Hikaru's first English-language releases since her 2009 album, This is the One. Both songs are now available on iTunes and Apple Music.