Listen: Vardaan Arora dances with doubt on new single 'What If'
Vardaan Arora / YouTube

Indie singer-songwriter Vardaan Arora premiered his new single "What If" on June 1. He gets unfiltered about his feelings on the dance track.

"What If" is the latest single by the New Delhi-born artist. He launched his music career in 2016 with "Feel Good Song" and followed that up with tracks like "Poison," "Just Like You" and last year's "Like a Polaroid." With every release, Vardaan gets more into the pop star zone.

Arora penned "What If" with longtime collaborator Kevin Leach and Alex Ghenea, the producer who's remixed hits by Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. The perfect blend of trop-pop synths and '80s-styled beats back Vardaan fighting arising doubts in the club. "F**k it, it's not real / F**k it, it's not true," he tells himself. There's nothing hypothetical about the hit potential of Arora's polished yet honest pop banger.

"What If" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Back in December, Arora released a special remix of "Feel Good Song."