Listen: Vince Staples shares new song after launching GoFundMe campaign for early retirement

In an ingenious bit of marketing, Vince Staples recently launched a GoFundMe campaign that may have had fans confused or amused depending on how you looked at it. The rapper is asking for $2 million to fund his early retirement, that’s where some people were confused. Why would the 24-year-old rapper want to retire?

In the video for his GoFundMe campaign, Vince explains that he’s been getting a lot of negative criticism on his music and live shows. To his detractors, Vince had this to say: “Get off my d*ck, or fund my lifestyle.” Now, here’s where the amusement comes in.

The GoFundMe campaign, which people are actually donating to, was a brilliant and innovative marketing move to promote his new single called--you guessed it--“Get the F*ck Off My D*ck” where Vince really lets his critics have it. You can listen below. Enjoy.

A quick update on Vince’s GoFundMe campaign. At the time of this writing, Vince was up to $1,562 despite the campaign being briefly taken down, which spawned some hilarious Tweets from the Long Beach rapper. You can check them out by clicking here.

Vince Staples is performing at The Novo by Microsoft in Los Angeles on Monday, March 12 with Cozz. Click here to find tickets on AXS.