Listen: WET share 'Softens,' the second single from upcoming sophomore album

The indie soft-pop band from Brooklyn known as WET have shared the second track that will appear on their soon-to-be-released sophomore album, which still has yet to receive its title and arrival date. The new single, titled “Softens,” follows the previously released “There’s A Reason,” from the band, which sticks pretty closely to their trademark easygoing and melodic-heavy synth-based sound. The audio-only video for “Softens” was also shared to their YouTube page in the early hours of Friday morning, where the track can be heard in full above.

The instrumentation on “Softens” ranges from stretching ambient noises to more traditional synth lines which grow stronger as the song carries on, all while singer Kelly Zutrau adds her own enchanting vocals to top off the emotional-driven track. As Zutrau explains in a statement shared via press release about the new single, “Softens” came into existence out of a catchy slogan from a local funeral home in the band’s home base of New York City.

“Sometime last winter I was having a hard time on a personal level while the world also seemed like it was in a collectively dark place,” Zutrau added. “I was just feeling like sh*t and listening to the radio one night while all of these horrible news stories were playing and then I heard this phrase ‘Where Beauty Softens Your Grief.’ It turned out to be a slogan for a funeral home in Harlem … I found that idea so comforting, someone making a place to soften the sometimes harsh reality of being a human.”

Zutrau’s ability to turn heavy and melancholy-based emotions into lovely but haunting melody lines has helped establish the band as one of the more popular emerging names in indie pop over the last few years. The band is scheduled to head out on tour across North America starting in just over a month on May 15. The tour will last until June 6, so fans should assume that the new album will arrive sometime within that three week window while they’re out on the road. Tickets for select shows on the spring tour are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.