Listen: Yung Fume wants the 'Big Business'
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Yung Fume is a young man that wants the big business.

The rapper, which hails from the streets of South London, wants it so bad that he created a new single about it. Titled, obviously, “Big Business,” the single finds Fume diving headlong into the same hip-hop style that has produced massive success for neo contemporaries such as Future

Before diving into the single, here’s some back-history to get one familiarized with Yung Fume.

Fume’s unique sound caught the attention of Payday Records, who made Fume the first ever British act to sign with the label. Ever since putting his signature on the deal with Payday, he has been busy releasing singles and mixtapes. His hard work has caught the attention of such iconic publications as Complex, who deemed Fume one of the Emcees to Watch in 2018.

They’re not wrong.

With the arrival of his newest single “Big Business," it seems as if Fume is gearing up to take the hip-hop world by hurricane force winds.

Now, to be honest, there is nothing too original with “Big Business,” as it follows the same formula that has been used countless times on numerous other records over the past few years.

In other words, the single is a bit formulaic, but being formulaic doesn’t make for a bad cut. It all depends on who’s behind the mic and who’s doing the beat, and for Fume, his futuristic sound comes together to make for an interesting and enjoyable slow-tempo track. Yes, it has that touch of Autotune, but it’s used effectively and really gives the song a boost.

Kudos to Fume for not overdoing it with the Autotune.

“Big Business” will serve as the lead single to the Too Much Wave 2 EP, which is highly expected in hip-hop circles. According to a press release, Too Much Wave 2 will be based on Fume’s “carefree lifestyle” and will feature songs on the same wavelength as  “Big Business.” If that’s the case, then this is an EP that no one should skip over.

Yung Fume wants the business, and he’s well on his way to achieving that goal. Check out the single above.