Listen: Zayn Malik Beyoncé's a cover of 'Me, Myself and I' online
Zayn / YouTube

U.K. singer-songwriter Zayn Malik unexpectedly premiered a cover of a Beyoncé classic on June 29. He goes all in on his version of "Me, Myself and I."

Beyoncé's name has become synonymous with surprise releases since dropping her 2013 self-titled album out of the blue. Malik Beyoncé'd a Beyoncé song when he uploaded his cover of her 2003 hit "Me, Myself and I" to Twitter. "Album is on the way," he wrote in a post. "Got a few surprises for you too. Here's a taster."

That teaser turned out to be a full-length cover of "Me" that Malik slightly flipped to come from the male perspective. However, he still keeps Queen Bey's iconic opening line intact and says it proudly. "All the ladies, if you feel me, help me sing it out," he proclaims. Zayn saunters through the familiar tale while reading an ex-girlfriend to filth with that gorgeous falsetto of his. "Now that it's over, stop calling me / Come pick up your clothes," he belts. Malik flexes his R&B chops and flourishes on the sassy kiss-off anthem.

Malik has so far previewed his upcoming second album with singles like "Dusk Till Dawn," "Let Me" and "Entertainer." He also has a collaboration with Timbaland that's due out soon.