Little K-tigers taekwondo break it down in cover of 'Mic Drop' from BTS
K-Tigers TV

Little K-tigers are building a name for themselves as kids with impressive skills in taekwondo. Their popularity is now crossing over from martial arts to the music video spotlight. Little K-tigers recently released a new dance video with their polished martial arts moves set to the hit track, “Mic Drop,” by K-pop stars BTS. Their team of seven members took on the challenge of performing a choreographed routine combining advanced taekwondo moves mixed with the flavor of modern dance moves.

The complete video is taking notice on YouTube. Little K-tigers appear in the video dressed in taekwondo uniforms while dancing on a large floor mat of a martial arts studio. Their high energy performance and synchronized martial arts moves are causing the video to gain momentum with BTS fans and general music fans. Little K-tigers illustrate their quickness and speed through choreographed punching, high kicks and aerial flips resulting in a dynamic dance cover of “Mic Drop.”