Live Review: Marc Maron brings politics, family & endless laughs to Chicago
Jimmy Kimmel Live

It was quite cold in Chicago on Saturday, Dec. 3, as temperatures dipped down into the low 30s, but that didn't stop the droves of Marc Maron fans from venturing out into the night for a pair of shows at The Vic Theatre. The evening marked a return to The Windy City (and The Vic) for the “WTF” host, who previously performed a one-two-punch at the venue in June of 2015 for a live taping of his latest special “More Later.”

The crowd was buzzing as fans took their seats for the 10 p.m. performance of Maron's “Too Real” tour — the second show of the evening — where opener Austin Lafond kindly warmed things up with a short set of self-deprecating humor, awkwardly poking fun at his own scrawny frame as well as his humiliating former employment as a dog-walker.

A short time later, Maron took to the stage, cellular device and notepads in-hand – both of which would later play integral roles in his set – to thunderous applause. The current political landscape proved to be a fruitful source for material as Maron had the crowd rolling with a seemingly endless supply of jokes based around the aftermath of the recent election.

Comparing the difficulties in accepting the current President-elect to learning to cope with cancer, and suggesting certain fellatio-related penalties for the voters responsible for the election outcome, were among the many topics at hand. The audience seemed undivided in its approval of his comic delivery – and cathartic questioning – routinely erupting in bursts of unanimous laughter throughout.

The same can't be said of the night's earlier performance, which Maron noted early-on as he shared details of an angry post-show email he received from a disgruntled – likely Trump supporting – attendee that very night. “Lay off the politics,” Maron read from his phone, “I arrived late and left early.” The correspondence led to comedic gold and helped to set the stage for a well-needed night full of laughs for the mostly liberal crowd.

As with politics, family was also a popular subject during Maron's second set. Whether hashing out issues resulting from his father's egocentric nature or confessing his resentment for his brother with regard to his aging mother's dying wishes, his neurotic musings were a hit with the masses.

Maron's well-known conversational style of comedy was in peak form throughout the night, lending itself particularly well to a story centered around the origins of his newest family member, Buster Kitten, which found the comedian hilariously waxing philosophical. Other well-received bits from the night came in the form of a hysterical anecdote about buying a hat and an amusing discussion surrounding the blandness of his favorite adult cereal, the popular Trader Joe's-sourced Barbaras Puffins.

Maron can be seen in Joe Swanberg's recently-released Netflix series “Easy” as well as the network's forthcoming wrestling comedy “GLOW” with Alison Brie. Click here for information and to pick-up tickets to the remaining dates of Maron's “Too Real” tour and keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.