Live review: The Movielife turns in vintage performance in Brooklyn
Video by Eric Holden

The Movielife's show May 5 at Brooklyn Bazaar was a homecoming of sorts with New York native Vinnie Caruana returning to the city that embraced him as emo pop-punk royalty in the early 2000s.

The legendary singer performed sporadically over the years in the "Big Apple" with I Am the Avalanche as well as in a solo acoustic setting, but local gigs with The Movielife were extremely rare since the band originally split up in 2003. The 37-year-old was never shy about dusting off old Movielife tunes during his solo acoustic shows, but fans were itching for many years to hear the real deal -- with former Nightmare of You singer Brandon Reilly shredding alongside him.

That dream became reality in 2015 when Caruana rallied the troops for a series of reunion shows at Irving Plaza in New York City and a few small venues on the West Coast. Those performances went over so well that the band decided to keep the good times rolling with more concert announcements and a new album deal with Rise Records.

Now in the summer of 2017, with another two years in the books since their original reunion at Irving Plaza, the momentum clearly hasn't faded. At Brooklyn Bazaar, Caruana took to the stage and immediately told the crowd that this "was going to be fun." He didn't disappoint, as The Movielife whipped through an epic set at a breakneck pace, filled with classic sing-a-longs such as "Hey" and "This Time Next Year."

They transitioned well from their early-career material to newer tunes, getting the crowd grooving to "Walking on Glass" before dipping right into 2003's deep cut "Face or Kneecaps." Brooklyn had to wait close to a decade for Caruana and company to finally come back on a full-time basis. Hopefully, they decide to stick around for a while this time. The Movielife hits Boston on May 6 before returning to New York for a Long Island show on May 7.