Logic offers to pay for one lucky fan's entire trip after seeing tweet
Visionary Music Group / YouTube

Rap star Logic (real nake: Robert Bryson Hall II) happened to be online and saw a tweet from a fan who was planning to come see him perform in concert. Twitter Moments laid out the entire conversation and it ended with Logic making that fan's dream come true.

The fan said she was planning a Missouri trip to see Logic in concert. The concert takes place on Aug. 3 in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and the fan showed a notebook with how much she needed to go to the show. It included 709 miles roundtrip, the price of the tickets, food, merchandise, snacks, dinner and a hotel to stay in. She said that she planned to go with her brother and the biggest challenge was saving the money.

After Visionary Music Group responded that this was "dedication," they said that they hope to see her there. That is when Logic stepped up.

Logic took to Twitter and said that he was willing to pay for the entire trip, take care of all the extras, give her and her brother all the merchandise they could carry and hang out with them so they can take selfies. He finished with, "it that's okay with you?"

There are so many bad things happening in the world right now, so it is always nice to see when someone does something nice like this for other people.