Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Photo courtesy of Louis Tomlinson's Instagram account

An interview One Direction member Louis Tomlinson had with The Guardian was released on June 25. While looking back on his time in the band, the 25-year-old felt like he was "forgettable" among the quintet (which later became a quartet in 2015). Tomlinson seemingly continued to undercut his contributions to 1D during the conversation. He later acknowledged he was best member dealing with "backstage logistics" and that statement couldn't have been more true. For those unfamiliar with Louis, he was actually one of the pop group's most prolific songwriters alongside Liam Payne. From 1D's six years together, Tomlinson has 38 co-writing credits, outnumbering those of star member Harry Styles. Louis was responsible for some of One Direction's most memorable songs and to give him credit where it's due, we're revisiting five of our favorites that he had a hand in penning.

5. "Strong" - Midnight Memories (2013)

Tomlinson and Payne penned over half of One Direction's best album, Midnight Memories, alongside the group's main producers. However, Louis worked without Liam on the standout "Strong," a pop-rock pick-me-up dedicated to fans. "When I'm not with you I'm weaker / Is that so wrong? / Is it so wrong? / That you make me strong," the guys sang together. "Strong" still stands as a powerfully heartfelt moment.

4. "Fireproof" - Four (2014)

One of One Direction's most timeless-sounding songs was written by Tomlinson, Payne and usual suspects John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta. Beach Boys-like harmonies and classic rock vibes backed the guys describing a romance that had them on a high. "It's been so long / Maybe we're fireproof," they crooned. "Fireproof" was a warm and heavenly love song.

3. "End of the Day" - Made in the A.M. (2015)

For the group's first album as a foursome, Tomlinson and Payne regrouped with the aforementioned producers for "End of the Day," a quirky and cute offering reminiscent of The Beatles. They penned a picturesque story of falling in love with supernatural consequences. "I set you on fire, babe / And down came the lighting on me / Love can be frightening for sure," Louis sang. "Day" was such a pop delight.

2. "Diana" - Midnight Memories (2013)

"Diana" was another song for fans written into existence with the help of Tomlinson and Payne. This was even more anthemic as the guys shouted out the titular girl over power pop seemingly pulled from a John Hughes movie. "I wanna reach out to you / I wanna break these walls / I speak a different language but I still hear your call," Louis crooned, beautifully acknowledging One Direction's global fanbase.

1. "No Control" - Four (2014)

Tomlinson and Payne also wrote fan favorite "No Control." They lyrically pushed One Direction from puppy love songs to sensual pop-rock romps. A blast of guitar backed the guys as they surrendered to loving in the bedroom. "Waking up besides you I'm a loaded gun / I can't contain this anymore / I'm all yours," Louis conceded. "No Control" remains a risqué, rollicking gem in 1D's discography.