Lorde sets the generosity standard with unprecedented donation to New Zealand strangers

As one of the most beloved pop stars of recent history, it’s refreshing that Lorde’s character is as genuine as she seems to be. The New Zealand born singer recently donated $10,000 to fellow New Zealanders who found themselves in a difficult situation.

The Busch family, of Auckland, were displaced due to a leak in their home, which for most may just be an inconvenience, but for the Devora and her three children, it was devastating. One of the youngest children, Rheegan, is severely autistic and requires around the clock care for various issues, including pica (desire to eat non-edible items).

In order to deal with the repairs of their current home, the family had to relocate and was bombarded with extra costs of both the new home and Rhee’s care. That’s when a family member created a fundraising page on the site, Givealittle. At press time, the account has raised over $68,000 in large part thanks to Lorde’s generous donation.

With the message, “Sending best wishes and love to you and your parents, Rhee. Xxxx,” the star registered with her real name, Ella Yelich-O'Connor. We can only hope that all celebs would be so generous with their money.

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