Lords of the New Church to revive debut album with new bonuses

The Lords of the New Church are taking music fans back to church on July 20, when the punk rockers will re-release their self-titled first record. This second edition of The Lords of the New Church, released more than 30 years after the album's debut, will contain all of the original material, plus three bonus tracks and a second disc containing a live performance. Revisit the band's hit single "Open Your Eyes" by playing the video above.

The original Lords of the New Church lineup consisted of founders Stiv Bators (vocals) and Brian James (guitar), along with Dave Tregunna (bass and vocals) and Nick Turner (drums and vocals). All of them had performed in other bands before finding their way to each other, enjoying seven years of mixing punk, glam rock and a little bit of gothic rock - as well as numerous lineup changes and true rock and roll excess - before Bators infamously declared the Lords of the New Church dead while they were still on stage after a 1989 concert at the London Astoria.

But before that, their first record produced three singles. "Open Your Eyes" was the most successful, climbing to 34th on the Canadian charts and 27th on the Billboard Rock Singles Chart. "New Church" and "Russian Roulette" failed to chart, but their message was still clear: that this band was here to take audiences by storm in every way possible. The 2018 re-release not only exposes Lords of the New Church to a new audience, but according to the press release, will come with a 12-page booklet that includes photos, replicas of the band's various concert posters, and new liner notes from music journalist Craig Rosen.

Existing fans will enjoy this new look back at the album that started it all, while new audiences will get to hear where the band began as well as a sampling of what they sounded like live. It's a complete package, just as big and attention-grabbing as the original album was, and it's coming to audiences on July 20.

There are no tour dates in support of this re-release given that the Lords of the New Church no longer exist, but music fans can keep up with what is happening with the various members now on the Lords of the New Church page on Facebook. Below is the complete track listing for the two-disc special edition of The Lords of the New Church:

Disc One (original album and bonus tracks):
1. New Church
2.Russian Roulette
3. Question of Temperature
4. Eat Your Heart Out
5. Portobello
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Livin’ On Livin’
8. Li’l Boys Play With Dolls
9. Apocalypso
10. Holy War
11. Girls, Girls, Girls (bonus track)
12. Young Don’t Cry (bonus track)
13. Open Your Eyes (single version) (bonus track)

Disc Two (live from My Father's Place, 1982):
1. New Church
2. Question of Temperature
3. Girls Girls Girls
4. Livin’ On Livin’
5. Eat Your Heart Out
6. Russian Roulette
7. Fortune Teller
8. Open Your Eyes
9. Li’l Boys Play with Dolls
10. Holy War
11. Portobello
12. Apocalypso
13. New Church

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