Lupe Fiasco announces new album 'Drogas Wave'
YouTube/Lupe Fiasco

After the backlash rapper Lupe Fiasco received from his 2016 single “N.E.R.D.,” he proclaimed that he was “done” releasing new music.

Well, Lupe will be back this September with a brand new album.

Titled Drogas Wave, this will be the Chicago rapper’s seventh studio LP, and quite possibly, his most anticipated. After nearly calling it quits in 2016, Lupe released his sixth LP, DROGAS Light, last year, and it may have renewed his focus and energy to create a new album for his fans to digest.

On a tweet he sent out on Sept. 13, Drogas Wave received a cover art, and he revealed the tracklist for the record. Dragos Wave will be filled with guest stars, from Nikki Jean getting a spot on “Haile Sellassie,” to Damian Marley teaming up with Fiasco on “Kingdom.,” this LP is sure to pack a punch with both his fans and the hip-hop world.

Whether the album is a hit or not, it’s nice to see Fiasco recording and releasing new material. Controversy or not, Fiasco is one of the hip-hop’s most influential artists, and it would have been a sad day if he had stuck to his world and truly “retired” from the game.