M.I.A. to premiere her documentary at Sundance

Pop star M.I.A. is making her career debut in the film industry in 2018. The “Paper Planes” singer is stepping out as an indie film maker with the premiere of her first documentary titled “Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.” Directed by Stephen Loveridge, the film celebrates the career of M.I.A. with behind the scenes footage from over the years. The documentary is a depiction of her life in art taking fans through a collage of footage some of which she shot herself. The film takes fans into her personal world where she reveals conversations with herself, ups and downs as well as sharing her inner conflicts as an artist determined to maintain her identity in an ever changing process of self-discovery. 

M.I.A. is the star in front of the camera and the visionary behind the camera on this project. Her documentary represents a personal film project that is part pop-rockumentary,  personal documentary and reality show all in one.  M.I.A.'s film project will premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival along with other biopics including Kevin Kerslake's documentary on Joan Jett. When asked about the subjects she talks about in her film, she shared  in an interview with Pitchfork that fans should look forward to things that you would not expect to see in a Beyonce documentary.