Manuel Turizo explains ‘hacked’ Instagram account with ‘Culpables’ music video
Manuel Turizo / YouTube

Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Turizo premiered the music video for “Culpables” on July 26. The emotional clip comes on the heels of a “hacking” situation with his Instagram account.

Earlier in the week, Turizo’s Instagram account was supposedly hacked by an ex and all his previous posts were deleted. The account was held hostage for a few days until Manuel found the “Culpables” (Guilty Ones). To explain what happened, Turizo linked a video to his Instagram when he regained control. That turned out to be the music video for his new single “Culpables.”

Solely backed by the strum of a guitar and a little bit of his brother Julián’s ukulele, Manuel sings his heart out about parting ways with his girlfriend. While she was getting more distant, he was finding himself getting closer to another woman. Things exploded when everything came to light and Turizo says they were both at fault for the failed relationship. “Culpables” cuts deep with heartache and Manuel’s guilty of getting us into our feelings.

The music video for “Culpables” opens with Turizo’s ex reading a letter about their breakup. Turizo hits up an abandoned home and croons his new song into the microphone while Julián and the guitarist strum away. “Culpables” is now available on iTunes and Apple Music.