March 2019 video game releases and what we're most excited about
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We march into the month of March with our heads held high and our eyes wide. Expectations have never been higher. March 2019 promises a slew of new video games that we can look forward to. No matter what your feelings are about the way the year has been turning out, you can’t deny that this batch of new video games is one bright-looking bunch.

The past two months have been indicative of an exciting trend in fresh video game releases. Sure, a few disappointing betas and less-than-stellar launches have marred the experience, but that’s no reason not to maintain a positive outlook on your gaming life. March promises us a delightful good time.

We have long-anticipated sequels, intriguing new IPs, fresh takes on classic genres, and a dose of remasters for the nostalgia fans out there. Are you ready for the games of March?

What to be excited for:

“Devil May Cry 5” (March 8)

The hack-and-slash genre has seen some promising entries in the past few years, but none of them compares to the stylish action of the “Devil May Cry” series. If you are fond of fast-flowing combat with an emphasis on brash characters, then “Devil May Cry 5” is a game you should keep an eye out for. It is set after the events of “Devil May Cry 4,” so be sure to catch up on the story before diving into new territory.

“The Sinking City” (March 21)

Of all the games coming out in March, “The Sinking City” is the one we’re most intrigued by. H.P. Lovecraft’s take on horror is a rich source of material, and we’re eager to see what terrors the game can conjure for us. We don’t often receive horror video games of triple-A quality, so we’re excited to see what developer Frogwares has in store for us.

“Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” (March 22)

Developer From Software has not let us down so far. They astounded us with “Dark Souls,” amazed us with “Bloodborne,” and we are ready to give any game they make a chance to astonish us once more. “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” looks to be similar to the “Dark Souls” series in the way the combat functions. However, the main difference we can see is the addition of a grappling hook that allows your character to propel himself forward in one swift motion. So basically, it’s “Dark Souls” with more verticality. We can get behind that.

“The Walking Dead: The Final Season: Episode 4” (March 26)

There was a time not too long ago when “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” was in peril. Development issues at company Telltale Games almost ended the game before the final episode could be released. But thanks to publisher Skybound Games, fans of the series can see the end of young Clementine’s journey through a zombie-wasted world. It’s been a long time in the making, and she deserves the best of send-offs.

“Yoshi’s Crafted World” (March 29)

Nintendo is still the king when it comes to making games that are kid-friendly, yet thoroughly enjoyable for all ages. We were huge fans of “Yoshi’s Woolly World,” and we can’t wait to take Yoshi out for a spin again in “Yoshi’s Crafted World.” No longer does Mario’s green, dinosaur companion have to be relegated to the role of mere steed. He’s got his own game, and it looks to be gorgeously rendered and oodles of fun.

List of March 2019 releases:

March 1: "Dead or Alive 6" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 5: "Left Alive" — PS4, PC
March 8: "Devil May Cry 5" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 8: "Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn" — 3DS
March 12: "The Caligula Effect: Overdose" — PS4, Switch, PC
March 15: "The Division 2" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 16: "One Piece: World Seeker" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 19: "American Ninja Warrior Challenge" — PS4, Xbox One, Switch
March 20: "Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy" — PS4, Switch
March 21: "The Sinking City" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 22: "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" — PS4, Xbox One, PC
March 26: "The Princess Guide" — PS4, Switch
March 26: “Danganronpa Trilogy” — PS4
March 26: “The Walking Dead: The Final Season: Episode 4” — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
March 26: “Final Fantasy VII” — Xbox One, Switch
March 29: “Yoshi’s Crafted World” — Switch,
March 29: “Tropico 6” — PS4, Xbox One, PC March 29:”Assassin’s Creed III Remastered/Liberation Remastered” — PS4, Xbox One, PC