Martin Shkreli releases parts of the $2 Million Wu-Tang Clan album

A few weeks prior to the election outcome that shook the world, Pharmaceutical bad guy, Martin Shkreli promised (via Twitter) that he’d drop his entire unreleased music collection, including unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and Wu-Tang for the masses to consume, but only if Trump was elected president.

Today, as America is still in shock from Trump’s unprecedented win, Shkreli did something we’d never thought he was capable, he kept his word. Now, two songs from Once Upon A Time In Shaolin are available via YouTube, with a promise of more to come, “later.”  Unfortunately, while listening, we’re forced to also hear Shkreli's commentary and back and forth with people challenging him online. But, I suppose we should get used to looking at smug faces.

Hear both tracks below.