Matthew E. White announces guest-filled EP project for voter registration
Matthew E. White/YouTube

Indie rock singer/guitarist/songwriter Matthew E. White is stepping up his collaboration game just in time for the U.S. midterm elections next month. Like many artists who carry some influence these days, White is using his music to help get young fans excited about voting with a brand new single shared on Friday titled, “No Future In Our Frontman.” The new single is undoubtedly a statement towards the current political landscape, but the project is more than just one song for White, as he’s also enlisted a handful of his fellow performers to share their version of “No Future In Our Frontman” to raise money for organizations involved with voter participation and registration.

As Consequence of Sound reports, the one song will be covered by up to 17 other artists over three EPs, with participants including Natalie Prass, Bedouine, Kevin Devine and more. Each of the three EPs will arrive one at a time every Friday starting today (Oct. 19), Oct. 26 and Nov. 2, with the latter coming just a few days before America’s midterm elections on Nov. 6. White’s original version was also shared digitally on Friday and can be heard in full above. His recording will be released as a 7-inch single along with an instrumental version on Nov. 2.

“There is no future in our frontman/There is no gracefulness to his song/There is no melody in his choir/And I refuse to sing, I refuse to sing along,” White sings aloud in his new politically-charged single, which is not the first rock song to ever have taken a direct shot at the establishment.

“This song is an acknowledgment of our current political disaster and a call for resistance,” White added in a statement to go with Friday’s release. Artists who appear on Vol. 1 of the three-week EP rollout on Friday include Luisa Gerstein, PC Worship, Cameron Ralston, DJ Harrison, Alex Spalding and Adrian Olsen. Natalie Prass’ involvement in the project should also come a no surprise, and her and White have been friends since childhood and he had even helped produce her 2015 debut studio album.

White also teamed up with fellow indie-folk singer Flo Morrissey for an album comprised of covers in 2017 with their project titled, Gentlewoman, Ruby Man.

Fans can click here to pre-order White’s 7” single by clicking here.