May 2020 video game releases and what we're most excited about
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As a global pandemic continues to grip the world, now more than ever, arts and entertainment are used as a support and escape for people everywhere. This May promises to keep gamers engaged with interesting titles. Though certain releases have been delayed to later months, this is by no means a sparse time in terms of video game content.

The Nintendo Switch dominates this May, receiving ports of classic titles, including two collections of iconic games. Both "BioShock: The Collection" and "Borderlands Legendary Collection" are releasing on the Switch. Even disregarding those two massive titles, plenty of other games utilize May to spring onto the world's premier portable console.

In addition to that, the curious "Minecraft: Dungeons'" initial April release was delayed to late May, so fans of Mojang's intriguing new enterprise can give it a look this month. 

Waiting and preparing for the summer is made all the more tolerable thanks to these fantastic game releases.

What to be excited for:

“John Wick Hex” (May 5)

The "John Wick" franchise hit theaters running with its first film, rapidly building a fan base for its retired hitman protagonist, John Wick. Striking while the iron is hot, "John Wick Hex" adds a whole new layer of strategy to the franchise's tight action. Though already released on PC, this action-strategy game is being ported to the PlayStation 4. Owners of Sony's console can try out this intriguing title in early May.

“Minecraft: Dungeons” (May 26)

Initially slated for an April release, "Minecraft: Dungeons" was delayed due to concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic. However, developer Mojang plans to release its long-anticipated title in late May, finally giving gamers a taste of this curious off-shoot to the widely popular "Minecraft."

“BioShock: The Collection” (May 29)

Nintendo has definitely been branching out when it comes to the types of games it is accepting onto its new console, the Nintendo Switch. A prime example of this is the upcoming release of "Bioshock: The Collection" on the Switch this May. Fans of the video game classics can now visit Rapture on the go, utilizing the Switch's portable features to carry the three main games of the series with them.

List of May 2020 releases:

May 1: "Arcade Spirits" — PS4, Xbox One, Switch
May 5: "Forza Street" — iOS, Android
May 5: "John Wick Hex" — PS4
May 7: "Sonic At The Olympic Games—Tokyo 2020" — iOS, Android
May 7: "Void Bastards" — PS4, Switch
May 7: "Wavey The Rocket" — PC
May 12: "Star Wars Episode I: Racer" — PS4, Switch
May 14: "Best Friend Forever" — Switch, PC, Mac
May 15: "Those Who Remain" — PS4
May 22: “Maneater” — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
May 22: “Saints Row: The Third Remastered” — PS4, Xbox One, PC
May 22: “Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris” — PS4, Xbox One, PC
May 26: “Minecraft: Dungeons” — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
May 28: “Ninjala” — Switch
May 29: “BioShock: The Collection” — Switch
May 29: “Borderlands Legendary Collection” — Switch
May 29: “XCOM 2” — Switch
May 29: "Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition" — Switch