Mayor Garcetti saves Foster The People mural
VEVO/Columbia Records

A Los Angeles mural originally created to promote the newest Foster The People album has been spared from death by whitewash. That is the official order from Los Angeles' Mayor Eric Garcetti on the fate of the unusual and large artwork.

The decision came only hours before the mural was scheduled to be painted over by city officials. It would have been covered over this Monday if it weren't for the order.

The movement to save the Foster The People's musical mural started last week through the efforts of band fan Johanna Maria. After the Los Angeles Times broke the story on the mural's upcoming demise, Maria created a petition titled “Keep the Foster The People Mural.” Her online petition, in which she pleas that Los Angeles “will reconsider painting over this beautiful piece of art”, garnered nearly twelve thousand signatures in total.

Maria's petition now sports a “confirmed victory” badge for its efforts. In fact, it was the petition that Mayor Garcetti saw and ultimately swayed his hand in favor of the band's mural.

In light of this decision, Foster The People celebrated at the mural site in downtown L.A. with fans. Limited edition posters of the mural were handed out to those who attended. A film crew was present to interview fans not only on the mural but also on their thoughts on the Los Angeles arts scene overall.

Foster The People's frontman Mark Foster thanked Mayor Garcetti for his intervention on behalf of the mural and the Los Angeles Times for covering the incident. He also thanked the fans who spread the word and saved the mural, saying “Most of all, thank you to all of you who signed the petition and helped spread the word! You surprised everyone and saved this mural.”

The Foster The People's mural was created by the collboration of artist Young & Sick and Mark Foster. The actual painting of the mural was done by Daniel Lahoda, Leba and Vyal, a group of L.A. street artists. The band is currently on tour, promoting their Supermodel album.