McElroy Family announces Adventure Zone, MBMBaM events in San Jose
The McElroy Family

It’s time to get ready for Sweet Babiest Brother and Dungeon Master Griffin McElroy to take us all on another adventure!

The McElroy Boys will be heading to San Jose’s City National Civic theatre this April for a The Adventure Zone live show on April 2 and a My Brother, My Brother, and Me live show on April 3. The podcast follows a campaign designed by youngest brother and 30 Under 30 media luminary brother, Griffin McElroy, with players Justin, Travis, and Clint McElroy playing their way through. What adventures will this live show have in store for us? More Home Alone shenanigans? Another visit to the non-copyrighted Tomb of Horrors? Angus McDonald, Boy Detective? There’s only one way to find out!

The Adventure Zone is a podcast that has been airing since December 2014. The first campaign tilted The Balance Arc, is a much more fantasy-steeped D&D campaign, featuring dwarves, elves, bards, and wizards, with the occasional appearance of elevators. While starting out as a filler episode for oldest brother Justin’s paternity leave, the podcast quickly grew into a beast of its own creation.

Spanning almost three years and 8 story arcs, The Adventure Zone has gathered a huge fanbase with its heartwarming while not always wholesome storytelling. Even after the end of this campaign in August 2017, all live shows include the original cast of characters, Taako the wizard, Magnus the fighter, and Merle the cleric. While they are now in their second campaign, Amnesty, fans haven’t yet said goodbye to The Tres Horny Boys.

Make sure to join the McElroys in San Jose for The Adventure Zone and My Brother, My Brother, and Me! Tickets go on sale February 15 at 10 a.m. PST.

The Adventure Zone & MBMBaM LIVE!
The Adventure Zone: San Jose - City National Civic - April 2 (Tickets)
MBMBaM: San Jose - City National Civic - April 3 (Tickets)
MBMBaM: Salt Lake City - Abravanel Hall - April 4