Michael Beasley has lofty expectations for New York Knicks

One year ago, Derrick Rose offered up some eye-opening claims regarding the New York Knicks ahead of his lone season with the team. Today, new Knick Michael Beasley has picked up where the former MVP left off.

Beasley, who spent last season with the Milwaukee Bucks, sees the playoffs in New York’s future, and he didn’t stop there.

“Everybody looks at me as a bust,” Beasley said at the Knicks’ practice facility. “I just want an opportunity to play more than 15 minutes. And you know, if I play more than 15 minutes I’m going to score more than 15 points. And if I can do that for 82 games, that’s an All-Star level.”

Not only did Beasley put himself in the discussion for the Eastern Conference All-Star team, he has the Knicks finishing as the fifth or sixth seed in the playoffs. The Knicks won 31 games last season and have endured a tumultuous offseason. Perennial All-Star Carmelo Anthony has spent much of the offseason as part of reported trade talks with the Houston Rockets.

On paper, the Knicks do have a formidable roster. Assuming they keep Anthony, the additions of Frank Ntilikina, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Beasley–plus the maturation of Kristaps Porzingis–should at least put the Knicks on the precipice of the eighth seed. Management also added veteran guards Ramon Sessions and Jarrett Jack to help with Ntilikina’s development.

However, Rose bandied about the same lofty claims last offseason when he compared the Knicks to other “super teams” like the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks missed the playoffs, finishing with the seventh pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Knicks players seem to be taking this offseason seriously, though. Beasley has lost 20 pounds in an attempt to be more athletic, and Anthony has spent much of the summer training and competing in pickup games with fellow NBA players. Meanwhile, Porzingis had a productive offseason competing for his native Latvia.

While the results remain unseen, the Knicks have gotten off on a better foot than they did last offseason. Only time will reveal the accuracy of Beasley’s prophecies.