Michael Cera shares lighthearted, synth-tinged tune 'Best I Can' featuring Sharon Van Etten

Indie rocker Sharon Van Etten and actor/musician Michael Cera shared their collaboration “Best I Can” on Monday (Sept. 25). Cera’s lighthearted, synth-tinged tune--with lead vocals from Van Etten--is featured in the new documentary "Dina," which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The song also came with a heartwarming video from the film’s directors Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini, which features the movie's main characters Dina Buno and her fiancé Scott Levin. You can watch the video for “Best I Can” above.

As Rolling Stone reported, Cera and Van Etten teamed up when they realized they frequented many of the same haunts in Brooklyn. After seeing a friends-only screening of "Dina," Cera expressed to Sickles and Santini that he would like to do a song for the film stating that, “It was one of the only times I saw a movie and thought I could actually contribute to it." At this point Cera and Van Etten were sharing a musical space and so he naturally asked her to sing on the track, which plays during the film’s credits. Dina hits select theaters on Oct. 6.