Migos, Ed Sheeran to be first guests on MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ reboot
Tv Guide/YouTube

Earlier this summer, MTV announced that they would be bringing back their former hit show Total Request Live (or TRL as the kids called it) this fall. Now it appears that rap trio Migos and British pop singer/guitarist Ed Sheeran will be the show’s first musical guest when it returns to the air after a 10-year absence on Oct. 2, Variety reports.

According to the popular entertainment publication, TRL will return to the MTV airwaves starting at 3:30 p.m. EST on weekdays, and will once again be broadcasted live from the company’s offices in Times Square area of New York City. According to a statement from the network, the revamped series “will integrate linear, social and digital elements and bring teen passion points to life, while continuing to incorporate audience requests.”

Starting in 1998, TRL did for young music fans in the late 90s and early 2000s what American Bandstand did for artists and teens in the 1950s. With album sales then booming and artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and *NSYNC being given huge video production budgets, the daily countdown show became a staple for promotion in the music industry. Airing right as kids on the east coast got out of school each day, the video countdown and artist appearances became a premiere selling tool for concert promoters and record labels thanks to its enormous popularity.

The news of the show’s return over the summer came when the longtime media platform, which had built a global following thanks to its music-centered, artist/fan friendly content over the decades, began to undergo a change of the guard when it came to the written journalism side of their brand. The company dismissed of a handful of staff and freelance writers in their News division in hopes of putting more focus on video content to attract younger audiences.

With the return of TRL this fall, which was such a hit with the pre-teen and teenage market back in the late 90s, the struggling network should find a way to become synonymous with music once again.