Mike Shinoda turned to art therapy after Chester Bennigton's death
YouTube/Mike Shinoda

 Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is using art as a means to cope with the loss of bandmate and friend Chester Bennington.

For those who may not have known, Bennington, one of the lead vocalists of Linkin Park, committed suicide in 2017, and his death shook the band to its core. Slowly, the members are beginning to come to terms with his loss. 

According to Billboard, Shinoda has taken up “art therapy,” in which people use their artistic creativity to deal with traumatic situations. While Shinoda has been busy creating his first solo album, Post Traumatic, he has also picked up a paintbrush and started creating art. “I was using [music and painting] as a diary,” he told Billboard.

Art therapy is one of many tools used for those dealing with difficult situations. In the interview with Billboard, Shinoda has credited his artistic expression with helping him through this tough time after Bennington’s tragic death.

“Art therapy is a very real thing,” he further told Billboard, adding; “ It’s a phenomenal tool.” Click here to check out Shinoda’s beautiful creations.