Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson run from police in 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' video
Mark Ronson / YouTube

U.K. producer Mark Ronson premiered the music video "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" on Nov. 29. He's on the run with Miley Cyrus in the wild clip.

"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is the lead single from Ronson's upcoming fifth studio album. It's his first release as a lead artist since dominating the charts in 2014 with Bruno Mars and "Uptown Funk." On his latest collaboration, Mark teams up with pop superstar Cyrus on "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." The two wrote it together with Ronson producing the song alongside Jamie xx. The country-influenced dance track is not off from Miley's sound on last year's rustic Younger Now album. Plucky guitar and cinematic strings back her tackling a relationship on the rocks head-on. "We got all night to fall in love, but just like that we fall apart," she sings. Ronson translates the heartbreak into one heck of a bluesy banger.

In the music video for "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," Cyrus is on the run from the police. The chaotic clip makes references to the tense political climate at the moment and the gun control debate. There's a moment when she crashes her car through a wall behind two young girls who are oblivious while playing with a Miley selfie filter. Ronson later jumps out of his car to join Cyrus on the chase. Their single is now available on iTunes and Apple Music.