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It is always a pleasure to be able to have international artists make their rounds here on the American airwaves, and the past few years have seen a huge wave of bands make their marks on our shores.

When German-based Milky Chance started to drip into our eardrums with their first single, “Stolen Dance,” it was surely a sweet surprise. Since then, the band has been regularly touring the United States, picking up more fans along the way.

Their current tour landed in San Diego, playing for an entirely sold out crowd.

The band, made primarily of vocalist Clemens Rehbein, DJ and producer Philipp Dausch and guitarist Antonio Greger, had 2 percussion setups on stage, with Greger and Rehbein up front and center. Stepping back and forth from their respective microphones, the duo kept a more relaxed approach to their show, letting the music speak for itself. 

With only two albums under their belt, Milky Chance didn't have the biggest array of songs to choose from, making it probable for the crowd to hear their favorites, and the noticeably louder cheers and woops from around the venue made it clear that the band was hitting those. Starting with "Clouds," from their newest album Blossom (2017), of which their tour is supporting, started the night off fun and bright. 

Rehbein's vocals are instantly recognizable, even to those who may have been previously unfamiliar with the band. He dances back from the microphone when given the chance, with neither electric nor acoustic guitar hindering his moves. 

"Down by the River" was a hit, garnering a large collective excitement throughout the room, but that couldn't hold a candle to the roar that drowned out the music as the opening guitar of "Stolen Dance" began near the end of the night. 

The Blossom Tour is sold out throughout many stops of the tour that extends until the end of January. It's easy to see why. Milky Chance offers a great chance for a night of great music and even better times.