Misery Index interview: Pushing the edges of brutality with The Killing Gods
Rustyn Rose

Baltimore’s resident deathgrind merchants, Misery Index, are back this spring with their newest and arguably most devastating album to date. The Killing Gods marks the band’s fifth full length studio effort, and introduces new guitarist Darin Morris to the mix. This month, guitarist Mark Kloeppel checked in with AXS Entertainment to talk about the new record, last year’s live release, and how his new partner in fret has impacted the band’s sound.

Misery Index was founded in 2001 by bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton. Drummer Adam Jarvis and Kloeppel joined a decade ago, in time for the band’s sophomore effort, Dischordia. The band’s style blends elements of death metal, hardcore, and grindcore. With each album, the band has evolved. On The Killing Gods the Misery Index has meshed its usual brutality with new melodic edge, helped in part by Morris’ lead guitar style. “We’re not really doing anything new on this album, “Kloeppel offers, “We’re just doing it in a different way.”

Kloeppel talked about the extended break since the last album, Heirs to Thievery in 2010, and why Misery Index chose to wait a longer period this time around:

"In terms of our art and our legacy, we really just wanted to take our time with this one; writing it, and mixing it and mastering it, and not just turning out a product of the week, so to speak. We wanted to take the extra time and effort to make something that was timeless. So that’s what we did."

Mark also talked about the presence of new guitarist Darin Morris on The Killing Gods:

"He’s made a big impact. He’s got three songs on the record, lots of cool riffs, and of course the leads—the leads are out of control on this record. I mean you can hear the classic metal influence on his lead playing. He’s like a big King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest kind of guy. You hear that in his leads. I felt that added a lot to our music."

Misery Index will spend much of the next year adding to the 1000+ tour dates they have already performed in over 45 countries around the globe, bringing The Killing Gods to the masses, wherever they may be hiding.

Check out the full interview with Mark Kloeppel above.