Monte Mader shares new tune, 'Risky,' when it comes to love
Directed by Jared Glenn

An all-around, tough-as-nails chick who can match her wits to a man's any day is Monte Mader. Mader is currently based in NYC, although she grew up in Wyoming. Her life changed dramatically in 2014 and she felt it best to make the move to pursue her music career in New York. Ever since then she's been on quite a roll with songwriting, producing and releasing.

With AXS, she's premiering the new music video for her single "Risky," which is a reflection of how we sometimes gamble and take chances on "risky" relationships. 

"Risky" is also featured on Mader's recently released debut EP, Skydive, which is about her journey growing up on her family's farm in Wyoming to her big move to NYC. These struggles include a long-term engagement dissolving, nearing bankruptcy at the age of 23 and the loss of her father a year ago. This is a testament to her inner strength and her will to push forward. The Skydive EP features six tracks. 

In a general statement about the video (which is set against the backdrop of a poker game), Monte says that she "decided to go with a poker game because, like love, it can involve high stakes. It's about not always showing all your cards and reading into the other person. "Risky" is all about going through all the craziness of love, with someone who catches you off guard or isn't perfect on paper. I couldn't think of a better picture of that, than a high stakes underground poker game!"

Watch Monte do her thing, featuring Phinestro, in the music video box at the top of this article. 

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