More bands need to follow in Fall Out Boy's footsteps

Fall Out Boy has a new album, entitled American Beauty/American Psycho, coming out in January. Presumably, some people are excited about that. Others may find their music unbearable. They may think that, say, “Sugar, We’re Goin' Down” is an absolutely atrocious song and that their song titles are generally so utterly obnoxious that you don’t want to even bother giving them a shot. Yet, others listen to them, and that’s cool. Nobody wants to take that away from them, and that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the band’s name.

Fall Out Boy is, of course, a reference to The Simpsons, the greatest achievement in the history of mankind. Fall Out Boy is the sidekick of Radioactive Man. Once he was played by Milhouse Van Houten, and then later Mickey Rooney, in a failed attempt to turn Radioactive Man into a movie. As such, Fall Out Boy is a pretty nice Simpsons reference for a band to use as a name. It gives them some credit with a certain type of person, who will then perhaps check out their music. That may be the end of it, but maybe, just maybe, they will remain a fan.

What’s strange is that Fall Out Boy is pretty much the only prominent band with a Simpsons reference for a name. Sure, occasionally you will get a song that shouts them out, such as Yo La Tengo’s “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” which takes its name from a Troy McClure project. Pop culture references do abound in the world of music. Despite that, though, The Simpsons is perhaps the biggest cultural influencer in recent memory. It has been on since 1989. A litany of bands grew up with it on television, presumably watching it and so on. You would think that at least a couple more bands would have gone with a Simpsons reference for a name.

To be fair, surely some have. They just haven’t risen to prominence like Fall Out Boy has. They have to carry the mantle for all the bands that fell by the wayside. Aerosmith may have been on The Simpsons, and so have a bunch of other musicians, but why hasn’t The Simpsons infiltrated the world of music more? The doesn’t take into account, say, “Do the Bartman,” of course. However, let this be a clarion call to people who are currently starting up a band and looking for a name. Consider The Capital City Goofballs or Poochie or something else along those lines. Give The Simpsons its due. Don’t leave Fall Out Boy alone out there.