Mosconi Cup announces 2019 event date in Las Vegas
YouTube/Matchroom Pool

Tickets will be available for the 2019 Mosconi Cup starting Dec. 12!  Those in attendance at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to see the best pool players from the United States and Europe. The tournament in the past has been compared to the Ryder Cup, however, unlike golf's premier team competition, the Mosconi Cup is held every year, while the Ryder Cup is held only once every two years. 

The 2018 Mosconi Cup will take place at the Alexandra Palace in London, England from Dec. 4 to Dec. 7. The American captain is Johan Ruijsink, who is actually from the Netherlands and the European captain is Marcus Chamat of Sweden. The American players are Skyler Woodward, Shane Van Boening, Billy Thorpe, Tyler Styer and Corey Deuel. The European players are Eklent Kaci of Albania, Mario He and Albin Ouschan of Austria, Niels Feijen of the Netherlands and Jayson Shaw of Scotland. 

The United States has not won the Mosconi Cup since 2009. The tournament is named after American pool star Willie Mosconi, who won the World Straight Pool Championships 15 times between the years 1941-1957. Mosconi's nickname was simply "Mr. Pocket Billiards". 

The following are the dates where fans can purchase tickets to this outstanding pool competition. Get your Tickets to the 2019 Mosconi Cup at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! 

Mosconi Cup-- Mon., Nov. 25, 2019 (Tickets)
Mosconi Cup--Tues., Nov. 26, 2019 (Tickets)
Mosconi Cup--Wed., Nov. 27, 2019 (Tickets)
Mosconi Cup--Thurs., Nov. 28, 2019 (Tickets)