Loudwire has some great talent coming this year.
Loudwire has some great talent coming this year.
Patricia Jones

The Loudwire Music Festival is set for June 26- 28 at Grand Junction, Colorado and the current lineup is filled with an array of artists, from heavy-hitters to up-and-comers. While bigger names on the line like Rob Zombie, Linkin Park and Weezer will likely draw in large crowds, some of the bands on the rise can use this opportunity to expand their reach. With the three day music festival coming up at the end of the month, AXS.com is taking a look at some of the rising stars on the bill this year.

3 Pill Morning
The guys of 3 Pill Morning have been pounding the pavement since 2004, bringing their brand of electric energy to the scene. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, these guys bring a high energy passion to their live shows that includes high jumps and intense stage presence. They shared the stage with Theory of a Deadman and Fozzy on the TOADM’s “Savages” tour last Fall and impressed many with their relentlessness. Front man Jeff Stebbins is emotive and expressive in his performance and the whole band is very mobile and fun to to watch. Their 2012 album, Black Tie Love Affair, features some especially interesting tracks including “Skin” and “I Want That For You” which translate well live as well.

Las Vegas rockers Otherwise have been working arduously for years to bring their name to forefront of the music scene with their infectious and enticing rifts and riots. Vocalist Adrian Patrick presents various vocal dynamics while drummer Corky Gainsford pummels the kit and guitarists Ryan Patrick and Andrew Pugh shred on the strings. The band has always expressed a passion in their music that is directly linked not only with their art, but with their connection to their fans. An Otherwise performance is more like a block party where everyone’s invited: good times, great tunes, and cool vibes. If you get a chance to be a part of the Otherwise party, join in on the raucous ride that awaits and be prepared to sing-along to anthems like “Love & War,” “Die For You,” and “Soldiers.”

This hypnotic Eastern Indian-infused outfit brings melodic rock with haunting vocals and spiraling instrumentals. Started by composer and vocalist Annamaria Pinna, Vajra combines elements of traditional Eastern Indian instrumentation with ethereal, and at times, disturbingly haunting vocal effects. Their live performances have been hailed as “must-see” and the band has already been blazing a path in the scene, playing several festivals and larger scale shows leading up to the Loudwire festival. With their enticing and alluring sound in songs like “Inside the Flame,” and “Erode The Will,” Vajra will definitely be ones to watch, and hear, at the Loudwire Music Festival.

Righteous Vendetta
Cody, Wyoming hard rockers Righteous Vendetta have been banging heads since 2008. Their latest EP Defiance was released in late 2014, bringing with it a heavier sound and more vicious guitars. Their stage show is another one of those that you must see live. Their unrelenting attack on the stage and frontman Ryan Hayes’ striking determination are what make RV a band to watch. Having spent time on the road with bands like Taproot and Hed P.E, Righteous Vendetta have had plenty of opportunity to learn from their predecessors on how to make a name for themselves and that seems to be what they’re working towards more and more these days.

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