Music Video Premiere: Love is strange in Hawk's new video 'Not Just Lonely'

Hawk channels ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in their latest video, “Not Just Lonely.” AXS brings you the exclusive premiere of the whimsical clip, which you can check out above.

The video follows a young woman, played by model/actress Elena Terese, heading to the beach with her partner, a tall tree man, played by Lionel Powell, who could be one of Groot’s distant cousins. They enjoy their lovely day out together while onlookers gawk and take pictures of the pair. It looks like a strange relationship on the surface, but it represents the need for people to reconnect with Mother Nature.

"This song is about reconnection," says David Hawkins. "On one level it’s about reconnecting with someone from your past, and the way those old memories flood back to you when you see them again, and it speaks to the power of synchronicity and fate, and how serendipity can change everything in a moment. Recording it was like a dream; to have Pete Thomas’s amazing drumming, Ken Stringfellow’s inspired playing, and Gary Louris sublime co-vocals, it all came together perfectly; it's one of my favorite songs on Bomb Pop. There’s a lushness and a delicate precision in the production (reminiscent of the 60s pop of the Wrecking Crew) that isn’t easy to achieve; it’s a real honor to have these guys playing with me."

Hawkins continues: "The video is a classic love story with a twist; kind of a modern-day Beauty and the Beast that speaks to the need to reconnect with Nature, and how important that is for us (the human race) to do right now in order to help heal her...and ourselves. The Green Man figure is an ancient symbol of Man and Nature uniting."

The song is from Hawk’s latest album, Bomb Pop, which dropped back in May. You can pick up a copy here and here. Previously, they shared the single “Lay Me Down Easy” in April, which you can listen to here. The group, led by Hawkins, began as a personal project and eventually grew into a supergroup. The band features Hawkins (guitar, vocals, keys),  Aaron Bakker (guitar), Elvis Costello's longtime drummer Pete Thomas (drums), Ken Stringfellow of The Posies (bass, keys, guitar, vocals), and Gary Louis of The Jayhawks (vocals). Make sure to follow Hawk on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.