My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way remembers his friend Chester Bennington

My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way--who now makes his living heading up DC Comics imprint Young Animal--recently did an interview with Nerdist where he had some warm words for Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, who passed away on July 20 from an apparent suicide. Way reminisced fondly about Linkin Park bringing My Chemical Romance on the former’s Projekt Revolution festival as well as on tour. 

“His band and bringing us on tour, that changed my life,” Way said. “I met my wife. We have an amazing life now and a daughter. My memories of that period and meeting Linds again are tied into Chester and his band. It’s so sad.” Way also noted that mental health is something he thinks about often and even spoke about some of his own struggles with depression. The singer turned comic book guru stated that mental health issues were certainly something he would address in his comic “Doom Control.”

Way also spoke about Bennington being at his wedding. “He was actually at my wedding. Not a lot of people were there because we got married super quickly at the end of the tour when half the people had gone home. So there were literally only 30 or 40 people there, and he was one of them.”

Members of Linkin Park also recently shared their fond memories of Chester. You can read their open letter here. Bennington himself was a close friend of the late, great Chris Cornell, who also committed suicide. Bennington penned his own open letter to Chris when he passed, making Chester’s own death all the more tragic. But the memories of both these great musicians live on in their friends and loved ones, like Gerard Way, who recently revealed that a My Chemical Romance reunion is possible. Check out the video above.