'Mythbusters' stars come to the Bob Carr Theater in Orlando this April
Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

"Mythbusters" stars from the Discovery Channel will be making their way to the Bob Carr Theater come April 24. They are venturing around the nation with their Mythbusters: Jamie & Adam Unleashed tour. This is an all new, live show on stage and will star Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. For 12 seasons, they have hosted the "Mythbusters" TV show.

With this performance will come audience participation, the battle of wits between Savage and Hyneman, on-stage experimentation, behind-the-scenes stories, and more. For those unfamiliar with the show, their expertise entails attempting to debunk myths in a scientific fashion. This includes experiments inspired from special effects and/or stunts from TV shows, rumors, movie scenes, news stories, adages, and even Internet videos.

Though audiences locally will be able to see Savage and Hyneman in their participating areas, their home base of operations is in San Francisco located in Hyneman's workshops. When it calls for it, these venues in California are best if space is required for certain experiments. Some trips to northern California may be necessary and the crew has been known to travel internationally to "bust myths."

The origin of "Mythbusters" was in fact a concept that was originally entitled "Tall Tales or True." Discovery Channel had rejected this concept only because they had commissioned a series about a topic of which was the same. The show's pitch was refined and represented in such a fashion where the show would focus on the "key elements" of the stories as opposed to their retelling. An agreement was made, and Discover had allowed for a three episode pilot. It was Hyneman, one of many special effects artists, that was asked to prepare a casting video for the network for the purpose of consideration. Hyneman, who had worked with Savage on the Syfy TV series "BattleBots," wanted him on as co-host because Hyneman thought himself as too uninteresting to do it on his own.

There was a time during the show's second season where they had called upon "The Build Team" which starred Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara. Following "Mythbusters: Planeboarding" episode number 222, in August 2014, the aforementioned crew parted ways leaving Savage and Hyneman to move the show forward with only the duo. The Orlando Sentinel made mention that in the 13th season of "Mythbusters" comes the thought that audiences only had their interest held by the "perky" Kari Byron, but it's only this next season where one can find out if even that particular myth gets "busted."

For tickets to "MythBusters Jamie & Adam Unleashed" can be purchased on Dr. Phillips Center website starting at $39.50. Keep in mind though, that this venue is not located at the Dr. Phillips Campus, but rather a mile north of the Dr. Phillips Center on 401 W. Livingston Street in Orlando, Florida.