Natti Natasha & Anitta play games in 'Te Lo Dije' music video
Natti Natasha / YouTube

Dominican rapper Natti Natasha premiered the music video for "Te Lo Dije" on Feb. 20. She teams up with Brazilian superstar Anitta in the virtual clip.

"Te Lo Dije" (I Already Told You) is the latest single from Natasha's new album IlumiNATTI. It's one of two collaborations on the record. Natasha worked with Puerto Rican singer Kany García on "Soy Mía" and Anitta on "Te Lo Dije." As one of reggaeton music's leading female artists, she serves straight girl power with Anitta. Backed by a tropical beat, the ladies let their man know that if he slips up, it's goodbye. Natasha compares herself to Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" while Anitta keeps the bottle service flowing. Both artists talk a good game on this sexy and swaggering kiss-off.

In the music video for "Te Lo Dije," a man comes across abandoned virtual reality glasses. When he puts them on, Natasha and Anitta appear in different scenarios to show him a good time. As soon as the guy gets them together, they play around with him for a bit then shut it down. It's "game over" for the players in this cinematic clip.

"Te Lo Dije" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music alongside Natasha's IlumiNATTI album. Anitta will regroup with Colombian reggaetonero J Balvin for "Bola Rebola" on Friday.