Navigating Below with The Revivalists (Video)

The Revivalists took to the Samsung Galaxy Stage at Jazz Fest yesterday afternoon to a huge crowd. Here though, we've got them in a more intimate setting—Piety Wharf in Crescent Park in the bywater—performing their funky and inspiring track, "Navigate Below".

The song feels especially appropriate for a New Orleans band formed post-Hurricane Katrina with lyrics about solidarity and determination in the face of struggle and adversity.

It is the latest single off their album "City of Sound" which is filled with their funky-bluesy-rock sound and available for purchase.

While they've been back in New Orleans this past week for Jazz Fest shows, the band is currently touring in support of the album hitting the west coast later this month.

You can catch portions of their Jazz Fest performance on AXS TV during their Jazz Fest coverage on Sunday, May 4th.

Or, you can just put Navigate Below on repeat. That's what we're doing.

This is part of a series of artist performances we shot in New Orleans during Jazz Fest 2014.

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