Need a laugh? Check out nearly anything by comedian Kyle Kinane

Let's get one thing straight here: funnyman Kyle Kinane is ridiculous. Ridiculous. The man makes jokes about gay dads who smoke, (and are therefore clearly not gay), gets in fights on Twitter with people posing as Pace Salsa employees (seriously, read the hilarious exchange here), and is "pretty sure" that he's visited other countries whilst tucked safely away "inside his mother's womb," which makes him a fairly traveled fella.

Before the in-house voice of Comedy Central ads started doing standup about silver dollar pancakes, and the losers who pick up already-scratched scratch off tickets from the ground, he was just a regular guy working the odd minimum wage job. No stranger to the gas station graveyard shift, pizza delivery or three-attempts at college (don't feel so bad now!), Kinane first found stand up when he went to a calling for comedy auditions. He never heard back from the audition, but later ran into a fellow comedian who encouraged the novice Kinane to try his hand at open mic nights. Fast forward 11 years and the comedian now has two specials and multiple appearances on Comedy Central shows under his belt. Now living in LA, he pals around with fellow comedians/commentators Pete Holmes, Kumail Nanjiani and Matt Braunger. No stranger to helping out a friend, he's also been known to make random appearances on pal Pete Holmes' podcast. Catch a snippet here, when the brethren discuss how bizarre vegetarianism is.

The Chicago native loves three things: hot dogs, talking about breast milk and being drunk. If you also love these things, or just arbitrary nonsense in general, check out anything by Kinane and thank us later. Seriously - the guy can make reciting laundry detergent ingredients funny.