New Music Video Premiere: EDM artist DJ Scandalous says it's time to 'Move On'
Courtesy of DJ Scandalous

There’s nothing scandalous about the latest music video from the Chicago-based EDM artist DJ Scandalous, but you can bet that the “Move On” video will have people talking. The video depicts an elderly married couple who are, for whatever reason at a late stage of life, going through a divorce. But there aren’t any slammed doors or smashed furnishings to be seen; instead, the pair signs the papers and proceed to dance and drink wine, essentially celebrating their freedom.

DJ Scandalous gave us a little bit of insight into the song and video’s inspiration. “The song is about an ex-girlfriend who ended the relationship and, after several months, decided she wanted to get back together again,” Scandalous says. “The concept for the music video is different and was written, obviously, for entertainment purposes. It was filmed in St. Louis, MO by Mark Weimers of 24Frames. The two actors are Marilee Wright and Wayne Ault, and they attempt to do current dance moves which I showed them.”

It is amusing to watch Wright and Ault dancing; they actually do a pretty good job of it, and like DJ Scandalous says, it’s very entertaining. The song’s lyrics though, sung by a female vocalist who is unseen and uncredited, don’t have any celebratory moments; they are more just a summation of a relationship that went south and is going to stay there. The “Move On” video is one of those rare pieces of art that makes you laugh one minute but that will have you completely sober once you look below the surface. And today AXS is happy to present the world premiere of the “Move On” video which will be widely-released on Aug. 10.

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