New Orleans meets rock meets indie soul with The Revivalists at 2014 Jazz Fest

New Orleans-based The Revivalists will be joining the Saturday, May 3 festival date of this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Formed in 2007, the group features a unique mix of intricate rhythms, danceable rock and moving melodies. Listening to tracks like "When I'm Able," their music almost seems to slide over and around you, hugging you with sound.

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This ambitious septet features Ed Williams (pedal steel guitar), David Shaw (vocals), Zack Feinberg (guitar), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), George Gekas (bass), Andrew Campanelli (drums), and Michael Giradot (keys/trumpet). They aim to make music that generates a "tangible electricity," bringing new life to each stage they play on. Their sound leans on the signature sounds of rock & roll's golden age, but combines that with a contemporary lyrical style and modern production techniques. This is especially evident on tracks like "Criminal," which borrow carefully from electronica, indie, and harder rock stylings while staying true to the roots of the band's musical influences.

At the heart of all that The Revivalists' do, however, is solidly skilled songwriting. If you take one of those same tracks and strip it down to bare acoustics, it is abundantly clear that these are songs that can stand on their own. Their music is true artistic expression, delicately honed to perfection with the specific passions of a songwriter's soul. See it for yourself in this live video, which features an acoustic set of "Pretty Photograph" and was filmed in City Park, New Orleans. In this setting, their heartfelt lyrics and lilting harmonies really shine through - but don't forget that this is still a band that knows how to rock.

The Revivalists' Jazz Fest performance is sure to be a soul-stirring, crowd-moving good time that you don't want to miss out on. With a new studio album in the works, maybe they will even debut some new material? Any artist that will reference "humming Otis in the rain" ('Chase's House') is one that commands a music-lover's attention. So add The Revivalists' Jazz Fest appearance to your list of must-dos, and get in the mood by checking out this Liveset video filmed in the French Quarter.

The Revivalists
Jazz Fest Performance: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Genre: Funk
Go see this if: You're a fan of classic rock and roll, new orleans grooves, and modern indie soul