New 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' DVD features outtakes of Paul McCartney acting, singing

Paul McCartney's appearance in the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales” film doesn't last very long. But that is made up somewhat by a special feature on the new DVD and Blu-ray releases just out on Oct. 3.

A section on the making of the film called “Wings Over the Caribbean” features footage of McCartney's role, the former Beatle talking about it and him on the set shooting it. He says he did the film as a favor to the film's star Johnny Depp, who has appeared in his music videos for “Queenie Eye,” “My Valentine,” “Early Days,” and a blues jam video taken from that shooting. 'I've known Johnny a while. I've always admired him as Jack Sparrow,” McCartney says. “And he said, 'I'd love you to be in the next one.' What, me, a pirate? And he says, 'Yeah, you can do it and have a lot of fun.' So he wrote me in. It was great.”

As the scene in the film begins, Capt. Jack Sparrow (Depp) is being dragged through the dungeon. McCartney is in a cell singing “Maggie Mae,” which was sung by John Lennon on the “Let It Be” album and in the movie. Jack Sparrow recognizes the voice as that of his uncle. “Uncle Jack!,” he says. “Jackie Boy,” answers his uncle, played by McCartney. “How's it going?” “I can't complain really,” says the younger pirate. “I've been waiting all morning for a beating, but the service is terrible,” answers Uncle Jack.”

“Jack Sparrow's family tree is pretty cool having Keith Richards as his dad and Paul McCartney as his uncle,” says one of the directors, Joachim Rønning, who also calls McCartney a great choice for the role. “Paul McCartney was a dream to work with, He knew all his lines. He was funny. It was such a sacred moment playing with him almost.” The segment also includes Paul singing “Maggie Mae” while there is complete silence on the set, which is a different take than is in the movie. Someone putting together the DVD obviously knew this would attract collectors. 

The movie itself is an amusing continuation of the Capt. Jack Sparrow saga brimming with special effects and Depp's character's humor. And it doesn't appear from the ending that this fifth film will be the last in the series.