New Weeklings single bounces with Beatles love and a nod to progressive rock
The Weeklings/YouTube

The Weeklings, the Beatles-flavored band whose power pop repertoire includes covers of Beatles songs plus Beatles-influenced originals written by the band, will put out a new original song called “In the Moment” as their next single on March 2. The song will be available only digitally, the record company told Feb. 23. You can hear the song in a video on this page. The song was recorded in Studio 2 at the UK's famed Abbey Road Studios, according to a record company spokesman.

In it, fans will hear some intricate Rickenbacker guitar work by John Merjave (aka Rocky Weekling), some nice drumming by Joe Bellia (Smokestack Weekling) and added three-part harmonies by Glen Burtnik (Lefty Weekling), Burger and Merjave along with tips of the hat to a couple of Beatles songs.

Burtnik told, “As is our habit, The Weeklings like to leave little surprises (or 'Easter Eggs' as we refer to them) in our music – generally nods to the amazing music of legendary Power Pop recordings. There are at least two serious nods to The Beatles which might only be detected by astute fans of The Beatles,” he said.

“They say you ‘shouldn’t let them know how the sausage is made’, but I will point out a little secret of ours. In the past, we have privately referred to some of our arrangements as "Prog" (Progressive Rock). “In The Moment” is probably as close to Prog Rock as we've ever been. It’s as much early Yes and Genesis as anything. And our drummer Smokestack kind of takes a trip to Keith Moon World throughout.”

The group has a number of upcoming live gigs scheduled, including an appearance March 10 at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Jersey City and March 28 at the Cutting Room in New York City. The group has released two albums on JEM Records, their self-titled first album “The Weeklings” and the follow-up, “Studio 2.” (“Studio 2” currently comes with a free mp3 download if you buy the CD on Amazon.) They also have digital only releases of a cover of the Beatles' “Paperback Writer” and two Christmas songs – “Revolution Wonderland” and a cover of the Beatles' “Christmastime Is Here Again.”