New York Jets team up with Def Jam to shake up fan experience this season
Rolling Stone/YouTube

Football season is back in America. The weekly seasonal tradition of enjoying an abundance of beer and wings on a crisp fall afternoon is one of this country’s favorite pastimes to some. You know what else is one of America’s favorite traditions? Enjoying listening to music. The two entertainment-based activities will come together this fall, as the New York Jets have teamed up with legendary hip-hop label Def Jam Recordings to provide cans with fresh and energizing content on game days and throughout the upcoming season.

According to a report published by Billboard on Monday, both parties will partner up to bring “a plethora of exclusive content” to Jets fans throughout the 2019 NFL season. Def Jam was famously started just down the road from the team's MetLife Stadium in the New York University dormitories by a then college-aged Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. A video of Rubin visiting the old dorm rooms can be seen in the video above.

According to the report, Def Jam artists and their recordings will help revamp the team’s “in-game fan experience” in hopes of matching “the personality of their young emerging roster.” As racially-based political opinions continue to stir debate amongst fans as one of the league’s bigger public relations issues, the inclusion of more hip-hop music and artists into the game day experience could help to improve overall tensions between opposing sides off the field. Perhaps the Jets are taking a page out of the NBA’s playbook, as pro basketball has done much more in terms of bringing music and sports worlds together over the years as opposed to the much more strict and traditional NFL.

"Through our partnership with Def Jam Recordings, we are looking to amplify our in-game experience and provide fans with entertaining content from their truly talented artists," says New York Jets President Neil Glat said in a statement about the upcoming partnership.

Scott Greer, Def Jam’s EVP of Marketing & Commerce also added in saying, "Collaborating with another iconic New York brand like the New York Jets to create content and original in-game music has a natural synergy for our brand and our audience, and is a great way for Def Jam to bring fans of the Jets and hip-hop together and broaden the reach for our artists."

The report goes on to state that a fresh video series will feature Jets' players interacting with Def Jam artists throughout the season. One episode will feature the team's defensive players Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye joining Jadakiss at his studio just outside of New York City to sit in on a recording session. The announcement did not reveal as to whether the partnership would include live performances, but fans should be optimistic.