Justin Bieber could pass for an athlete. Maybe.
Justin Bieber could pass for an athlete. Maybe.
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We know he can drive fast (not necessarily a good thing) and we know he LOVES to sit courtside to watch whichever NBA team is winning, but the notorious front-runner Justin Bieber actually HAS some athletic skills, and there is no questioning his love of sports.

Here’s an AXS Six-Pack of Justin Bieber’s Greatest Sports Moments:

6. Justin goes one-on-one with former NBA’er Jay Williams. They played one-on-one when Justin was younger, then spent a two-hour flight back from Mexico in July of 2014 becoming BFF’s. Williams is an unabashed Belieber.

5. Justin displays his true ice hockey talents. Justin and his boys dropped in on a practice with the Atlanta Knights hockey club and Bieber displayed some serious skating chops. Access Atlanta included this quote from a rink-side observer: “We watched him play with a bunch of other club hockey players for a while and he was really good!”

4. Justin joins the Pittsburgh Steelers for bible study the night before a game against the New York Jets in November of 2014. The 6-2 Steelers, who were on a roll going into the game, had four turnovers and fell behind 17-0 early to the 1-7 Jets the next day before losing 20-13. The strange happenings caused some in Steeler Nation to proclaim Justin “a curse.”

3. Justin trains for a day with FC Barcelona. The night after a successful concert in town in April of 2011, Justin donned the mint green gear of FC Barcelona and spent the day training with the renowned soccer club. The club’s official web site proclaimed that Justin showed “surprisingly decent skills with his left foot.”

2. Justin carries Floyd Mayweather’s championship belts in to the ring for the May 2, 2015 mega-fight against Manny Pacquiao. Justin has been a regular part of the undefeated champion’s entourage. Mayweather called Bieber his “good luck charm” and has been training Justin in the finer points of the sweet science.

1. Justin is named MVP of the Celebrity All-Star basketball game during NBA All-Star weekend in February of 2011. He scored eight points on 3-of-11 shooting, grabbed a pair of rebounds and dished out four assists. In wasn’t ALL good though. His West team, coached by Magic Johnson, lost to the East team 54-49, and then there was this part…