Bands with Chicago connections take part in ice bucket challenge
Fall Out Boy

Your Facebook news feed might be flooded with videos of your relatives, college roommate and neighbors participating in the ice bucket challenge this summer. But have you seen any videos from your favorite musicians participating in the challenge? From living legends to up-and-coming musical performers, the following musicians and groups with connections to Chicago have participated, further raising awareness about ALS.

Members of the band Styx got into the challenge, nominating fellow singer Garth Brooks, family members and fans to donate. The band, which is currently touring throughout North America this fall, posted a video on its official Facebook page.

Several members from the rock bands Chicago and REO Speedwagon took time off from their co-headlining tour to take the challenge. Kevin Cronin, the lead singer of REO Speedwagon, then upped the ante and challenged fans to raise money for ALS. You can catch the video on YouTube.

In a video posted on his official Facebook page, singer Richard Marx challenges Michael Bolton, then gets doused with ice water. Marx is touring throughout the U.S. this fall, with a concert scheduled in Chicago on Oct. 26 at Park West.

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy probably thought he’d just pour a bucket over his head and be done with it. But with a surprise appearance by fellow band member Joe Trohman, things don’t go entirely as planned. The video is posted on Fallout Boy’s official YouTube account. In the video, Wentz also said he would make a donation to the ALS Association.

Rock band Vintage Blue also participated in the ice bucket challenge. In a video posted on its official Facebook page, the band members took turns dunking water on each other and nominated fellow Chicago band The Future Laureates to participate.

Kevin Presbrey added a musical twist to the challenge and sang a few lines from TLC’s hit song “Waterfalls” with percussionist Danny Pratt while getting soaked. He also encouraged fans to bid on the ukulele used in the video, with all proceeds donated to the ALS foundation. The video was posted on Presbrey’s Facebook page.

The ice bucket challenges are more than just funny videos. In a press release on Aug. 26, the ALS Association reported it had received donations totaling approximately $88.5 million between July 29 and Aug. 26 this year. The organization had received donations of $2.5 million in that same time period in 2013, and credits the ice bucket challenge for the uptick in donations.

Participants in the ice bucket challenge follow a fairly similar setup: The participant videotapes himself accepting the ice bucket challenge from a friend, then names three or four people he wishes to challenge. Next, the participant dunks a bucket of ice and water over his head, posts it online, usually via Facebook, and voilà, that’s it. Participants typically have 24 hours to complete and post a video. Participants pay $10 that is donated to an ALS charity, while those who opt out pay $100. The challenge has spread worldwide this summer, with a number of politicians, celebrities and musicians participating and posting videos online.