Chris Young, Cassadee Pope share their 'Think Of You' Music Video'

Chris Young and Cassadee Pope have finally released their new music video for "Think Of You." This song is on Chris' latest album and fans have loved it since it came out. Taste of Country shared the video that they came up with and it is amazing. The video was filmed in Music City at local joints Sambuca and Hermitage Cafe. It is obvious that Chris and Cassadee have chemistry together.

This video starts out with showing Chris Young and then a nice shot of Nashville at night. Next he hits up a club and is sitting there all alone as he watches the crowd enjoying themselves. Next thing you know Cassadee is meeting her friends for a girl's night out and obviously isn't having a good time. The characters they play in the song used to be together and go out all the time. Now they are just moving on without each other and that is not what they had planned at all. The lyrics to "Think Of You" explain it all.

We used to be the life of the party
We used to be the ones that they wished they were
But now it’s like they don’t how to act
Maybe they’re like me
And they want us back
It’s like there’s always an empty space
Those memories that nobody can erase
Of how bright we burned well now it hurts
But it’s true
When they think of me they think of you

Chris Young does prove his acting skills as he sits at the bar looking totally depressed to be there without her. Cassadee leaves her friends to sit down for a cup of coffee and then they find each other once again. Chris walks up to pour her coffee in for her and their chemistry is undeniable. This is the moment that you realize that these two are either great actors and fans also wonder if maybe there could be more to it.

Right now Chris Young is out touring and if you check out his tour dates, you will get the chance to see Chris and Cassadee perform this song live together. She is joining him as an opening act, but they are also both getting on stage and singing this song together. That is something that most people will never get the chance to see live and you don't want to miss it.