Chris Young
Chris Young
Rowdy with permission

Since news broke that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were getting a divorce the Internet has gone wild with rumors about what the cause could have been. Of course these rumors went straight to cheating, but they actually tried to say that a good friend of the couple was the problem. On Tuesday, E! Online shared how Chris Young is denying all rumors that he was having an affair with Miranda during her marriage.

Young took to his Twitter account to shoot down the rumors about him. Chris wanted to clear his name and the only way to do this was by speaking out. He said "I don't normally address gossip but in this case I will," Young wrote. "My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda's divorce. That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear that up. Love you guys. -CY." This should be the proof that this is simply just rumors.

An insider told E! Online that trust was part of the problem between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. They both have packed schedules and of course were not around each other near as much as they would like to be. The insider shared "Trust was an issue for both of them. It went along with having to spend a lot of time apart. Rumors of infidelity put stress on them. Despite denials, even just rumors of cheating are still hard to hear."

Chris Young has toured with Miranda Lambert in the past and joined her on stage during concerts. They are just really good friends though and nothing more according to Young. He is also friends with Blake Shelton and during this hard time wants to keep it that way. Hopefully the rumors will die down now that Young has revealed his side of the story.