Chris Young releases new music video for 'Lonely Eyes'

Country music artist Chris Young has released his new music video for "Lonely Eyes." On Thursday, Chris went to his YouTube page to share the new music video fans have been waiting to see. This is his newest release from the "A.M." album. This album has been full of hits for Young and this song looks like it could end up being his next #1.

On Twitter last night, Young revealed what he'd be sharing today. He said, "Guess when the "Lonely Eyes" video debuts... #getready." . Fans went crazy saying they couldn't wait to see it. One even mentioned skipping work just to watch the video over and over again all day long.

The video starts out with a gorgeous blonde with green eyes, just like the girl he talks about in the song. The video keeps flashing back and forth from her to Chris singing the song. He has his guitar out for a lot of it and keeps flashing his killer grin to the audience. This video is very simple, but fits perfect with the song and Young's fans are going to go wild.

The video ends with these two finally coming together. Chris reaches down to grab her hand and she takes it smiling up at him. It looks like he got what he wanted in the end. "Lonely eyes you don't have to be alone tonight." Chris Young captivated fans with this video. The way that his eyes keep staring deep into the camera is perfect.

He could have went with a bar scene for this video, but instead he did something simple and different than fans expected. It actually made it turn into a video that will have fans really excited. It is smart to sometimes to do the unexpected.

"Lonely Eyes" was just released this morning and the views are already climbing. It should start to show up on the country countdowns in the next few weeks. Hopefully he has another hit video and can rise right to the top with this one. Make sure you check out the "Lonely Eyes" music video from Chris Young.